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IMpowered Fitness
Huntington Beach
We help busy women and men who are struggling with making time for fitness with our proprietary outdoor 30 minute express workouts so they can transform their bodies without having to live in the gym.
For information and to register, visit www.impoweredfitness.com
or call 949-294-1790
Welcome to the IMpowered Family!
Welcome to the IMpowered Family!

Imagine having the time and convenience daily to take care of yourself with a workout, yoga, or lifestyle coaching session – all with a community of supportive and like-minded people. People who understand the daily struggles faced as a parent, career person and church member, etc.

IMpowered Fitness and Lifestyle is one big family, and we treat it that way. You deserve to feel confident, strong, happy, and healthy which is why our IMpowered  programs are designed to achieve your goals and minimize the stress of your everyday life.

We are not your typical “workout place”. We don’t just want you to work out a couple of days a week and forgets about you on the other days. Instead, we focus on lasting and full relationships through accountability, communication, and trust. Our goal is to transform lives while creating long-lasting friendships and a healthy lifestyle.

Join The IMpowered Family
For 7 Days For Only $7...
Join The IMpowered Family For 7 Days For Only $7
You’re invited to join our premier fitness, wellness, and lifestyle community for both men & women.
We are located here:
Huntington Beach Sports Complex
IMpowered Fitness 
18100 Goldenwest St
Huntington Beach
(park in library lot)
  Click on the map for directions...
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