Finally a Personalized Nutrition & Fat Loss program just for You. 
We take the guesswork out of fat loss

Join our successful IMpowered community and get started today getting in your best shape ever. "Are you IN?"

I have partnered with Fitpro Complete to bring all my friends, family, and clients this amazingly effective weight loss program.  

This is a program that is like no other.  

It is tailor made for each person's goals, personal likes and dislikes, and guaranteed to help you lose that stubborn fat  and have you looking smashing in your smaller sizes, swimwear, and summer clothes, and of course feeling mentally and physically amazing.
Our main difference maker is a full library of individually-customized Registered Dietitian designed and approved meal plans.

The IMpowered Nutrition & Fat Loss System  is personal meal planning and more.  I provide you with everything you need to be successful. (Only $19.95 per Month)

This is designed specifically for you - NOT a one-size-fits-all or recipe book like most other people give you.  You are unique and I treat you that way.  

Some of the customizing is:

  • Your Age
  • ​Your Weight
  • ​Your Height
  • ​Your Health History
  • ​Your Goals
  • ​What You Do For A Living
  • ​And The Main Thing Is The Food You Like

Let’s face it, if I tell you to eat foods you don’t like, you're not going to do it are you?

This is 8-weeks and guaranteed to get you to your goal!

And since you are a family/friend and super client, I would like to offer this to you at a 50% discount. Normal price is $37.50 per week.

Your special is $18.75 per week. 

That's a ton of benefit for that amount. No pun intended, ha ha.

  • Private Facebook Support and Education Group (Think Weight Watchers but Better)
  • ​Motivation
  • ​Fat Loss Workouts
  • ​Guidance
  • ​Community Support of Others
  • ​8 Weekly Group Meetings
  • ​Weekly Weigh-In
  • ​Weekly Check-In
  • ​Personal Coaching

If you want to continue with the community and accountability group after your first 8-week session, I want to offer you a continuation of the 50% discount. 💪

Use code: COACH50% at the checkout to apply your discount.

Once you enroll in one or both, I will set up your profile and send you the welcome email with login details.

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